Azar review

Azar is a video dating application that can be used absolutely anywhere. Even if you drive on public transport, it doesn’t prevent you from turning on the program and getting to know each other through live communication. This is made possible by unique data transfer algorithms that consume minimal traffic and allow you to receive quality video even if the signal is bad. If the video still goes with difficulty, you can use a regular text chat.


  • It is worth noting that the service has an audience in almost all countries. Therefore, communication with foreigners is one of the most important advantages of the service;
  • If you and your conversation partner speak different languages – it is not a problem. You can activate an interpreter who will translate speech or text messages in real time;
  • Use video roulette to quickly select a partner. This function works in the same way as a regular roulette with a pile. Just chat, and when you want to change partners, swipe your finger on the screen;
  • Online dating can be done using a variety of filters. For example, specify the region, gender, age and other important factors;
  • You can make conversation more fun and relaxed by turning on video filters. They automatically recognize your face and can overlay different effects;
  • At the same time, the service will ensure complete safety. Location, personal information and other important data are not passed on to third parties.

You can install the mobile version of the program from the dating site, it only takes a few minutes. After that, you need to register quickly to get access to all the features. This is one of those applications where you don’t need to fill out long forms and learn the functionality to get started. Just start the broadcast and start selecting the participant.

Interesting people can be added to friends, or entered into the Favorites section to continue communication in the future. You can call a friend at any time, or write a message.

To download Azar video chat on Android and iPhone for free, you will need to visit Google Play or App Store. Developers regularly release new updates to improve the functionality of the application.

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