Don’t I love him anymore?

How many years you’ve been together, and it never occurred to you to think about your feelings for him. And here it came. And you don’t like your own thoughts at all.

He tells you something, and you’re busy doing your own thing. In his character, you’re annoyed by every seemingly inconspicuous little thing. You’re not happy anymore on your way home. The thought of finding that soft, fluffy, homemade doesn’t evoke any positive emotions in you. The minute you come home, you’re in a scandal, about and without. And suddenly you realize: this man, from whom your heart used to beat in an intensified rhythm, on a date to which you ran to break your head, throwing yourself under the passing trams and cars, gifts that you kept at your heart – he is no longer your favorite. But here he went and took out the garbage without any reminders, and when he came back… he gave you a magnificent bouquet of your favorite white lilies. “Honey, how could I have thought I’d cooled off to you?!” – you resent yourself. 

You’ve probably heard of life cycles, haven’t you? Well, they have something to do with love, too. There are vertiginous ups and downs, and sometimes equally vertiginous. And then you remember the stories of numerous couples who live together out of fear of loneliness, although perhaps, and even more likely, their happiness is waiting for them very close, if only to give a hand. Anyway, the more you think, the more you get confused.

But it’s not so bad to think about your feelings. Psychologists believe that if you ask yourself questions and analyze the existing situation – it means that your partner you are interested, that is, you still have some feelings for him. After all, no one knows exactly what love is. 

To change means to fall in love? No. Psychologists say that if everything else indicates that you are tender to your partner – and only physical desire to turn to another person, you do not cheat on him psychologically. Do you have to resist the physical attraction to another man? The easiest way to calm down your libido is to please him. But if you feel the slightest bit guilty, don’t risk it. It’s that feeling of yours that could end up ruining your relationship. And you didn’t even think about it, did you? Maybe the sexual attraction to another man is just because you want to assert yourself. I mean, to make sure that you’re still able to seduce men and if anything, you’re not in danger of being alone.

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