FuckMarryKill Review: A modern dating app

Online Dating

FuckMarryKill is a dating app that goes one step further than its competitors. There have been many apps specializing in “hot or not” voting or swiping and liking people based on photos. But no one ever thought of transforming the well-known word game into the dating app. On FuckMarryKill, you sort the profiles of users displayed into one of three categories: whom  would you introduce to your parents, who is a potential one-night stand, and who is not for you at all?

Is it great to use?

FuckMarryKill is the ultimate app for the word game that has always been popular among pubescent teenagers in the USA. Its concept is in choosing three people of the preferred gender. Then the player has to pick one role for each of them. Which one will they marry, spend the night with, or kill? You should not take the “killing” category too literally. The inventors emphasize the rough estimation in the game where killing means rejecting, or “swiping left” on the Tinder slang. FuckMarryKill is a fun alternative to boring dating apps with a high addictive factor.

Is signup easy?

To log in, open the FuckMarryKill site or download the app for Android. In the first case, the dating service’s official website offers you a simplified version of the app that looks like a program window in the form of the iPhone screen adjusted to the page. You can open this improvised app interface to click the “Play Now!” button with the Apple icon. Some would think the button will redirect you to the App Store so that you can install FuckMarryKill. But there isn’t an app available for iOS.

Use a Facebook page, Google account, or a valid email address to sign in. As soon as you choose the convenient way to register, you access the app! It is that easy. FuckMarryKill takes your age, name, and primary photo data from Facebook to enter using this social network. In case of another signing up method, fill in these details manually, and you are ready to go.

Linking your profile to the social network page or email is a way for the support to make sure that the user has a real identity. Such a step also facilitates FuckMarryKill the registration process. After the initial profile creation, you can define your age, gender, upload a new photo, or change the matches’ location range in the account settings. FuckMarryKill is a product for millennials where the registration is as easy as possible. You do not need to select the interest tags, write long self-descriptions, or specify personal facts.

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