FurFling Review: Dating for the furry fandom

These days, the communication is mostly online, and dating services are especially popular due to world digitalization. Yet, not all of them consider the specific needs of small groups or subcultures, looking for an extraordinary experience and approach. FurFling is one of the dating websites, decided to go not with the crows, but satisfy the most general needs of furry fandom.

The development of the site

For individuals, who have no idea what it is about, it makes sense to specify that the whole furry movement started in the United States in the early 70s as a response to the underground movement. The furriers state that the visual art content and online-communities are the stakes of their fandom. It’s mostly male-dominated with only 20% of female representation; therefore, it reflects on the website audience. 

Nowadays, FurFling is a well-known social and dating platform among furry community representatives. It has been on the market for almost 10 years now after the official foundation in 2012. The greatest concern of the members back then was a small member database, which was about 50 thousand at the beginning of the FurFling days. Nonetheless, today more than 150 thousand users are enjoying the service, and it is worth admitting that this number is dramatic for the website with such a unique audience. 

How to use FurFling

FurFling has a very functional and straightforward website for people who are ready to find their true love online. It ensures a plain journey for all users and can be easily understood by new members, but at the same time, it has a modern and fresh interface, which makes time on the platform pleasant and enjoyable. It is well designed and constantly spoils its users with new updates and features. FurFling offers a single option for its users to use websites either on PC or from mobile web browsers. There is no additional application, which limits the flexibility of its usage to some extent. People who are used to smartphones are totally happy with the website’s mobile version and prove that it has the same look and feel along with the full features available. 

The sign-up procedure is not complicated and up to the point. It has a little questionnaire to fill in, but overall it should not take longer than 10 minutes to get started. To start registration, you just need to provide the most general information.

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