How do you heal from unhappy love?

Thanks to movies and books, many of us have learned since childhood the stereotype: love is measured by suffering. And no suffering, no love. But is it really so? Maybe you don’t have to suffer so much at all? 

Probably, at least once in our lives each of us has had such an attack as love to the point of madness. When the world is focused on one person, it becomes the main topic of all our conversations, we constantly scroll through the memories of the minutes we spent together – as you looked at what you said, what you hinted at. We ignore his flaws, and we magnify his virtues to heaven. If the dignity of a loved one is not thick, we are ready to invent it ourselves. And now every step, every breath, every word is subject to the passion that shoes us. We are not able to resist the wave of feelings that covers us and soon we simply cease to control ourselves, allowing the elements to control us. A woman in this condition is not her own mistress. She puts her whole existence in dependence on another person. The main thing is to have him around, and without him, life is not nice.

I must say, not every man aspires to be happy with such “love”. Most of them are simply frightened by the heat of passion and try to escape. But it wasn’t there. 

Realizing that the gap is approaching, a woman who has fallen into a painful dependence begins to fight for his love and goes on the offensive. The most terrible and exhausting phase of the exhausting for both partners love marathon begins – a time of endless clarification of relationships, mutual reproaches and accusations, attacks of jealousy, threats and tears.

Like any disease, a woman’s love affliction does not decorate her. Life is “at the peak of passion”, chronic stress wears out the body. But the worst thing is, they empty the soul.

A girl devoted to her partner

No wonder when this way express their feelings very young girls, for whom a strong first love can be an impossible burden. Another thing – women adults, time after time stepping on the same rake. Why is this happening?

As a rule, they are men, unable to reciprocate, emotionally cold, selfish. Each of them has their own untreated wounds and “skeletons in the closet”. To expect love, care and good attitude from an emotionally disabled person is a waste of time. What you need here is a better man to say hello. But the trouble is that healthy and worthy our “love slave” at point-blank range does not notice. For her, the worse, the better. 

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