How to Choose the Right Microphone for Communication in Online Video Chats?

Nowadays, people daily face the necessity to record audio, communicate via the Internet and video services, send voiced messages. Thus, a microphone is one of the devices that a modern user should have anyway. If you’re fond of dating in random cam chats and communicating by means of video, then you should think about buying a microphone. In order for your interlocutor to hear your clear, not distorted, loud voice, and the sound to delight your ears in a video, you need to acquire high-quality microphones. It is not necessarily a professional most expensive device. On the modern market, there is a wide range of devices to any taste and size of a pocket. Now let’s learn some theory that will help make the right choice:

Types of microphones

There are several types of devices according to the way they are mounted:

  • Desktop models. These microphones are equipped with a stand and are designed to be placed on tables.
  • Options with clips that are attached to clothes. Frequently, such clips are also suitable for mounting such microphones on laptops or PCs.
  • Capacitor microphones. They are installed to a particular connector of your devices. They are not suitable for computers.
  • Wireless devices.

Now, let’s see what should you pay attention to in order to buy the right model for your purpose. If you want to communicate in random chats, choose a microphone taking into account the following technical characteristics:

  1. Suppression of external noise. A high-quality microphone should be able to suppress background noise and make your voice clear. Pay particular attention to the frequency of the range. Remember that ordinary man speech is in the range of 100-10000 Hz.
  2. Microphone’s cord and design. It is a portable device and it is important that it has enough length of the cord and robust design.
  3. High sensitivity. It should intercept sound even if a speaker is not too close to the device.
  4. Compactness. If you want to carry it with you or have little space on a table.
  5. The direction of voice capturing. Some models can catch a voiced signal only in one direction. For example, only a front sound.
  6. Sound pressure. This characteristic denotes how well the sound received will be transmitted. Sometimes, it happens that a microphone receives excellent sound but the quality of a transmitted signal is horrible.

These are the key points you should consider when choosing the microphone for communication in online chat rooms.

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