Impress your boyfriend’s parents

Meeting the boyfriend’s parents is the most important event in your relationship after the phrase “I love you.”  How will his parents make the best impression?

You’re not going to be late

They meet on the clothes. But neither a modest view nor a Hollywood smile will save you if you show up half an hour late. If your parents are understanding people, they will accept any excuse, be it monstrous traffic or your favorite dog, who had to urgently lead to the vet, but the sediment will remain. Make an effort and be punctual at least on your first date with your boyfriend’s parents. It’s the foundation of a reputation that’ll be hard to shake later.


When communicating with a guy’s parents, provided you want them to like you should turn off the internal control for a while. Get over the fact that you are not able to directly influence the feelings and thoughts of a strict couple sitting opposite, especially if the mother initially negative attitude towards any girl who encroached on the freedom of her “blood”. We understand that this is difficult, but first try to enjoy the pleasure of communication. After all, your opinion about your parents is also important, you are not the last person in your boyfriend’s life.


Silence is definitely gold. And modesty is honored, too.  But still, your task is to show what kind of person you are, and how to do it without getting actively involved in the conversation? Share your emotions, tell us about the interesting experience you have had, be it a parachute jump or the last theatrical production you attended.  Emotions are the key word. Your knowledge is also valuable, but personality and charisma are not built on numbers, facts and diplomas. If you have a red “crust” of the leading university of the country, it is worth mentioning immodestly.


Honesty and objectivity are not what is required of you now. Frankly, you don’t have to lie about the fact that your father is in great shape. But emphasize and exaggerate any external and internal dignity of important interlocutors. Sincere admiration always arouses a return sympathy and tunes to a positive mood.

Be considerate

This applies to your appearance and manners.  Décolleté, miniskirts and make-up inappropriate. A strict dress, suit or skirt with a blouse, plus discreet accessories, will emphasize your respect for the event and its participants. In general, imagine you’re going to an appointment with the Queen of England and dress accordingly.

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