My Story How I Met My Husband in a Cam Chat While Making a Linguistic Study

I’m a professor of linguistic sciences. At that time, I was writing a dissertation and I had to make a linguistic study as a practical part of my paper. A theoretical part was dedicated to dialects and accents. Thus, my work was based on pronunciation. I studied how geolocation influenced pronunciation and what changes a language underwent in the course of such mixes.

A practical part of work implied visiting different regions of the studied language (that is French). Thus, I had to travel to certain regions of France, Canada, and a few more countries. I’m fond of trips but, unfortunately, I had no enough time to spend at least a week in every city. One of my colleagues told me about random video chats where it was possible to communicate with users from different countries. It was a great idea!

I decided not to postpone it and found a cam chat just the same evening when I came back home after work. The chosen video chat offered some filters. It was very convenient as I chose Franco-speaking states and clicked on the “Start the search” button.

Our communication with interlocutors developed in a standard manner. I introduced myself and my interlocutors introduced themselves. We spoke about hobbies, occupation, preferences. They told funny stories and jokes. My work was to analyze the peculiarities of their pronunciation during chatting. I told to my interlocutors that in parallel with our conversation I was studying their speech. They were glad and surprised.

I managed to make about two-three acquaintances for one evening. Communication with my interlocutors in a random video chat was quite pleasant. My partners were polite, intelligent, and cheerful.

Thus, I used to spend my evenings like that: chatting with random interlocutors in video chat rooms. One day, I met a man. He was very erudite, behaved like a gentleman. We started our conversation. He was interested in my study, he was well versed in the topic. At the end of the dialogue, he asked me about contacts or social networks. I left my nicknames on Facebook.

He found me on the social network and we continued our dating. We chatted a lot. After a few months of communication on Facebook and other messengers, he decided to visit me. Our online dating grew into a serious real relationship. He visited me a couple of times. Although having been separated by distance, our relations were strong enough and passionate. But finally, we decided that I should move to Canada. Now, we’re together and married.

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