The main stages of the relationship

In a relationship, each couple goes through certain stages, but only the steadiest of them can reach the end. Which stages are the main ones? That’s what the article will tell you about.


Falling in love is the most exciting and unpredictable feeling: often we just lose our heads from someone we never seemed to like. It cannot be prevented or controlled: no matter how much madness you call it – tsunami or chemistry – there is really no escaping. That is because we are not subject to a conscious choice, but to an instinct that, however, is only temporarily satisfied. In this period, the partner seems to us to be the most ideal person on the planet.


When we confess our love, we make a conscious choice.  So the first stage has come to an end and we understand that we are ready to continue the relationship. You get attached to your partner, make common plans, you are confident in each other, grow and develop. It is at this stage, many couples decide to live together and get married. And if you have no doubt that this is really your person, then you go on.


Disappointment and alienation are a critical stage that many never get past. At some point, you realize that you do not feel the same emotions next to your beloved, and your hopes for a cloudless future are gone. You understand that you are not satisfied with this relationship, but you can not find a reason – what is it?  Then you are looking for a reason to quarrel, and any little thing that you have not paid attention to before, pisses you off.

Indeed, when we are in love, everything in the partner seems to us exaggerated beauty, and at this stage, even what you once liked in it, begins to annoy.


You can only save the situation if you change your mind.  And for the work on yourself and your relationship you will receive a reward: your feelings will grow stronger and more mature.  We are not perfect: everyone has problems and complexes.  So you will fall in love not with the dignity, but with each other’s shortcomings.  Yes, relationships are work, so it is important to understand that real love takes time, patience and strength.

Love that will survive everything

It is difficult to cope with daily problems alone, so at all times we subconsciously seek a partner (even those who have decided to become a hermit), who will become our faithful ally. But it does not happen that a person is completely satisfied with your needs: we are all different, so you have to adjust to each other.

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