Tinder review

Tinder is a unique service for dating in virtual space. This platform is not similar to other free dating sites, which offer access to the database of questionnaires even without registration. The ingenious functionality of the Tinder allows its users to responsibly approach dating on the Internet – the site increases the chances of finding someone with whom you can not only talk, make friendships, but even build a serious relationship.

The main feature of the Tinder is that the user will be able to start communicating only with the person with whom it has been established mutual sympathy – for this two participants need to bark each other, only after this will be able to write a personal message and become friends, even if virtual. This is quite a good feature, as it allows to avoid annoying suggestions from people who do not arouse interest, and increase the chances of meeting the very person with whom the user dreams of getting acquainted and maybe looking for a long time.

About the Tinder dating site

Tinder is a partially paid online platform and mobile application designed to communicate on the site, as well as search for people of interest, followed by serious acquaintances. The Tinder application is available for owners of gadgets that run on iOS and Android.  The dating site was launched in 2012, second only to Badoo, which also offers free dating. The service is used by people aged 13 to about 65 years old. Almost half of Tinder users are boys and girls aged 25-34 years old, about 38% of users range from 16-24 years old, the rest are men and women aged 35-65 years old.

Registration on the site

You can register with the service by using your Facebook account, or using your phone number or Email. The application requests access to geographic location, as it will allow the system to select profiles of people who are nearby. After filling in a questionnaire and creating a gallery of personal photos, the user goes to the questionnaire feed offered by the service. Users can restore their account via e-mail.

Today Tinder is popular, its features are fully designed to meet the requirements of modern people. The application is available for Android and iOS, its interface is very simple and clear.

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