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Chatroulettes are a wonderful place to meet a lot of bored people like yourself and entertain each other. Meeting people in video chats can be real fun, however, there are certain things that you can’t do having met people you like. For example, you cannot invite people to come over and watch football together because they may be living thousand miles away. Beside geographic restrictions, there is nothing else that can hinder communication, except for when users break rules of video chat service. Here are the main things that are prohibited in the majority of respected video chats.

Restrictions in Video Chats

Video chats have strict rules and policies that define what you can and what you cannot do while video chatting. By violating these rules you can get your IP address banned and your account banned, so you will no longer be able to access the chat.

  1. Nudity

Some video chats have very strict rules prohibiting nudity. However, in some of them people are actually banned for getting naked, while in others it is a common occurrence. So, you have to check chat’s reputation and users’ feedback for a particular video chat to find out whether it is okay to get naked there.

  1. Spam

Chat moderators in popular chats check messages for spam very rigidly. Spam is much more dangerous than you may think. Very often, spam links shared by users contain malware that pose threat to other users’ software, as well as privacy. So, do not try advertising your band or promoting your brother’s coffee shop. Moderators will simply take it as spam and you will have hard time asking to get unbanned.  

  1. Insult, bullying, and inappropriate behavior

In video chats, it is much easier to avoid these unpleasant things than it is in real life. You can just disconnect from chatting with that person and report the case to chat moderators. So, in case you ever decide to raise some controversial topic in video chat, remember that you may insult others and get banned.

Video Chat Moderation

Merely like everywhere else, you have to behave appropriately and you will not face any problems. Do not think that wrongdoings in video chats will go unpunished just because people on the other side of the screen can do you nothing. Instead, they can record or make print screens, and publicly shame you. Imagine a video starring you on Youtube with thousands negative comments below. Not a very pleasant surprise the next morning. So, think twice before doing something out of the ordinary (in a bad way). Video chats are heavily moderated, and anything you say or do is as well.

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