“Zoom” is the Best Choice for Spending Quarantine Weekdays

Video conferences and online calls have become a new reality due to forced quarantine. Under current conditions, talking with colleagues, setting up a business, and even going on a date can (and should) be done exclusively online. For several weeks, people got used to their face reflection on the screen, and the “only-the-top” style of clothing replaced classic office dress code.

Surprisingly, these are online video chats that are now breaking all download records – in March 2020, the customer base of the now popular Zoom application grew by 18%. It is downloaded about 700 thousand times a day.

Zoom – is one of the TOP-3 mobile applications

Zoom is one of the most popular online services for video conferencing and online meetings. Nowadays, Zoom helps businesses continue working well and staying afloat, and students continue studying during quarantine. The company developed a disaster management plan last year. Since then, its shares have risen in price by 125%, and the cam chat has become one of the most popular tools for remote work. According to the New York Times, the company’s market value has already reached 29 billion. This exceeds the cost of any American airline.

During the pandemic, Zoom head Eric Yuan decided to remove some restrictions for users. For example, video conferences can be held for up to 5 hours and with up to 50 participants. (For comparison, previously only 40 minutes of broadcasting with up to 50 participants were allowed) And if you want to gather more than 100 users in one video conference and talk for more than 5 hours, you will have to pay a fee of $15/month.

Not only for work but also for parties

In the current environment, Zoom is used not only for professional activity; the video chat unites not only business but also souls. People around the world use Zoom for dating, socialization, communication, and fun. Some users manage to arrange birthdays, festive dinners with family and relatives, and even weddings.

The American edition “Quartz” reports about a couple from California, who got married online. As state authorities banned all public events, young sweethearts had nothing to do but to arrange a wedding ceremony right in the video chat. On the appointed day and hour, all wedding guests received a link to a videoconference from the newlyweds. The bride and groom were dressed in wedding outfits and celebrated the event in their apartment.

In addition, companies began to actively use Zoom for corporate parties. A well-known technology company Srax recently held a corporate party on the Web. According to company director Chris Nelson, online team-building helped employees deal with anxiety due to an impending threat. Nelson sent invitations to a “virtual corporate” to all 150 employees, and almost all of them joined the party. According to Nelson, very rarely the entire staff of the company can gather for some reason.

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